This week we had the unique opportunity to try out some of Tokyo Fixed‘s latest stock; read on to find out our thoughts…

We’ve been big on Nari Furi since the weather started closing and 3 of us picked up the Full Zip Parka. The benefits of Nari Furi are often so subtle that its easy to pass their products by but once you discover their capabilities its worthwhile putting your confidence in a brand you might know little about.

The best thing and the basis of the brands ethos is that Nari Furi stuff is technically excellent but is tailored in such a way that you achieve that holy grail of the perfect balance of form and function. It truly is all in the details. Their latest and a full back jersey style pocket in case you need a reminder of its true purpose. It also has an integrated neck/face warmer that is the equivelant of having a ‘buff’ stitched in to the back of your jacket.

The insulated vest I had the chance to wear was possibly their biggest lean to a fashion dictated piece and easily rivals Penfield’s take on the look; however their leather gloves affirmed in my mind what Nari Furi was all about, with the small details such as the reinforced thumb , these were riding orientated gloves, but they simplify kit by combining timeless looks with well constructed and well cut fabrics meaning you really can ride and live in the same gear. If your buying without trying, remember that these are Japanese sized and your likely to need a size up.

SAG have been one of the most notable players in the bag game for a while now,  building on the fascination and aspiration to all things Japan. It never ceases to amaze me how many independent bag makers are trying to offer fixed riders the latest thing or ultimate solution or even just another take on an iconic design. The last statement very much applies to SAG with their roll-top vinyl and transparent pockets. However, with their latest design, the ‘Monolith‘ they have tapped into the heritage hiking come American student Eastpack style with their classic back-pack shape, colour ways and finished with a re-inforced suede bottom – obviously embossed entirely with the SAG logo. What sets the bag apart from most bags of this style is that it has the typically well organised and divided SAG interior with padded laptop pouch, as well as a chest strap to avoid swinging loads. Its pretty refreshing for SAG to offer an simple and casual alternative to its usual hyper-tech looking offerings but still keep all the features we expect from the well respected brand.

To top things off we got a chance to ride Tokyo Fixed’s own branded bikes, you can see the soul of the shop has been poured into this classic steel framed build with thought and meaning put into every element including the awesome head badge. Our test bike had  £750 est. optional build package which complimented the frame perfectly. It say a lot when a shop thats traded in premium new and vintage frames from its conception is confident in putting its name behind a frame set and offers those looking for their first build or those who simply want the joys of a well built steel frame a great option. Word is the main decals will be red for production.